Laura  (Crosby)

Neil played our wedding and played all of are favourites songs. He went down really well with all our family and friends and I would 100% recommend.

Robert (Mouldsworth) 

Neil plays here every other week and we love the way he plays a true pleasure to watch. Thank you. 

Mike (Wavertree)

Rubios plays are venue frequently and their always a crowd pleaser. I would recommend and its an honour to write this testimonial for them.

Mark (Aintree)

Hi I am Mark. I started lessons with Neil just on a year ago now. I am 51 years of age. I use to play the bass guitar many years ago. I started playing around 16 years of age, and progressed quickly to playing in swing bands. It was great fun but then I moved to London to find work as wasn't much work in the NorthWest at that time, and the guitar took a back burner for quite a long time! TBH it was too long so I had lessons on and off with other teachers, god I can tell u some of them just used me as a human metronome for them to hone their fancy lines whilst I'm sitting there thinking, "I'm paying for this!" I'm very lucky to have found Neil via the internet. I can hold my head up and honestly truthly say that Neil is a very easy going guy who spots all your faults with in a few lessons and starts to help you get on the correct path to playing correctly! Neil is very good at his job, teaching you the instument you would love to tear apart! He is a perfectionist in teaching you how to achieve your future goals. I'd say give him a call you have everything to gain! Now that's worth a lot in life, for the ENJOYMENT! Yours sincerely, Mark Shopland (future boss bassist.)

Alan (Litherland)

 I approached Neil for guitar tuition, after trying to struggle on my own for around three months, I had taken lessons from other two other teachers, however I found them either complicating the process or showing off. I tried Neil and found that even though he was a younger teacher he has plenty of experience as a musician, and loads of patients and understanding regarding that long road to learning your instrument. I would have no hesitation to recommending Neil to anyone looking for a guitar tutor. 

Lucy (Kirkby)

I've been having lessons with Neil almost a year now and I can tell you that's he's a fantastic teacher. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Whatever I bring for him to learn he'll arrange either a spot on version, or arrange a completely new version that's designed just for the guitar, with all instruments and voices included! He's also just started teaching me voice which I can already see massive improvements! I can say with pleasure that I recommend Neil and his teachings.

Mike (Fazakerley)

We have learned so much in such a short space of time. Neil teachers both me and my Son and has a rare ability to bring out the best out of both of us. I highly recommend him to any one of any age!

Chris (Netherton)

My Daughter has been having guitar lessons for 2 years now. Neil is a very good teacher. Our Emily is oozing confidence since going to lessons and it's all thanks to Neil. I would definitely recommend him to you. 

Trevor (Formby)

Neil's lessons are working. Not only am I more analytical about my improvisation, I find myself recognising scales in tunes I hadn't seen before. I am in the process of integrating the stuff he's taught me into my playing and slowly but surely my solos are improving. Playing the guitar is now a constant exploration of new ideas and possibilities. The only limiting factor is how much work I can put in. I've left Neil due to the lack time, but I'll surely be back for more lessons in a few months time. I defiantly recommend him as a teacher, especially that of Jazz guitar, harmony, and concepts. Trev

Esther (Bootle)

My Daughter Caitlin really enjoys her singing lessons with Neil. She says she's come a long way since they started. Which hasn't been very long at all! I really appreciate all he does for her and I would definitely recommend him to any one else looking for music lessons. Thank you

Thomas "Danish Guy" Andersen (Bottle)

Neil's lessons are great, they've helped me to improve a lot in both singing and playing the guitar, when I started taking lessons I had problems with bar chords and only knew the very basic chords. Now several lessons later, I don't have any particular problems with normal bar chords and my fingering has also improved. I have also increased my range of octaves a lot during the time I've had lessons from Neil. I definitely recommend "trying him out". He uses songs to teach, which makes you more motivated and if you don't get it strait away, don't worry, he has the patience of a rock. Regards, Thomas

Yunqi (Wavertree)

Excellent teacher, full of talent and enthusiasm. Not only can he teach guitar, but he can also teach a variety of things such as song-writing, arranging and pretty much anything you want to learn. It delights me to say that unlike other teachers I've had, lessons with Neil have always been fun and interesting. ~Yunqi

Joe (Childwall)

My 9 year old Son has been receiving guitar tuition from Neil Potter since last summer. Really pleased with his progress and my Son looks forward to his lessons. Would highly recommend! Louise

Anne (Woolton)

An excellent and professional singer teacher.

Jim (Waterloo)

Great Teacher, tells me everything I want to know, and more!! You couldn't ask for better. Jim

Barry (Southport)

I've seen Neil about 4 times now and already seen great improvement in my singing. Would definitely recommend. :) I've gave him a 5/5 rating!